Anyone Can Dance program makes dance affordable

Just as Chef Gusteau’s motto in “Ratatouille” was “anyone can cook,” senior Appalachian State University student Emily Sharpe’s motto is “anyone can dance,” which she also made the name of her pay-what-you-can dance program she created in Boone, North Carolina.

Rhew gives “joining the circus” new meaning

People who go into the circus professionally often have families or spouses who introduce them into the circus world; it’s not usually something someone stumbles upon as a 23-year-old and hopes to get into professionally—but Wil Rhew’s circus journey is more unique than most.

NYC dancer moves back home to Bristol during COVID-19

When dancer Danielle Mumpower flew home to Bristol, Virginia, on March 19, she thought she would only be there for two weeks before returning to New York City. At the time, she did not realize how long she would stay in her hometown during the COVID-19 quarantine. Almost three and a half months later, she…